Custom Jewelry Design Services

The expert design team at Alan Rocca Fine Jewelry will help you turn your vision into the stunning piece of your dreams! Whether you are starting from scratch or want to bring new life to your once loved heirlooms, our associates will guide you through the creative process. Customers are welcome to bring in images that illustrate desired features in order to aid in the design of your unique piece of jewelry. Alan Rocca Fine Jewelry also maintains a catalog of previous custom rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings to help inspire a perfectly individualized final product.

To get started:

The Design Process

The design process starts with the clients’ desire to create a piece of jewelry that is as unique as the person that will wear it. Our sales associates will help to make that vision a reality by taking those ideas, collaborating, and creating a hand-drawn sketch.

CAD Design
Once a design has been finalized, the sales associate relays it to the CAD designer who creates a digital image. This can be sent to the client via e-mail for approval prior to creating a wax model.

Wax Model
Clients are encouraged to come in to see the wax model of their jewelry for approval prior to moving forward in the process. This provides an opportunity to get a better idea of what the finished product will look like or make changes to the design before casting the metal.

Alan Rocca Fine Jewelry uses the “lost-wax” process for casting jewelry. This involves surrounding the wax model in investment, putting it in the kiln to harden, and later melting the wax out of the mold. The hardened investment is then taken from the kiln and melted alloyed gold is shot into the voided space. The very hot flask is soaked to release the solid casting from the investment which is ready to be filed, smoothed, and buffed.

Stone Setting
The flawless metal casting is a milestone in the custom design process because it means that the piece is nearly finished. The next step for the craftsmen is to set stones that have been hand-picked for that specific piece of jewelry. The completed piece is given a deep cleaning and thorough polishing before going through a final inspection.

Alan Rocca Fine Jewelry strives for excellence.  If at any point, a client is not 100% satisfied with their custom product, we will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the item turns out to be exactly as it was imagined.

Original ring to be reset
Hand drawn sketch
Computer aided design image
Wax model of custom design
Hand-crafted custom ring